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Do you think the public has a legitimate right to know about a politician’s personal/romantic life? When, if ever, do you think a politician’s personal history is relevant to his/her ability to perform in office?

unless youre a born politician, a pol by necessity, or you were born famous (ie royal families, esp that of britain), you choose to be in public life. and as generally only adults become full-fledged and well-known politicians, they can make an informed decision to expose themselves to the public eye.
a politician's personal/romantic life is as much a part of his/her public persona as their opinions and voting record. because we live in a democracy, and people generally have superficial standards for their leaders, it has become much more important that a presidential candidate have an attractive, passive wife, to the average observer, than clear ideas for the future of this country (or state or city, whatever level of government). of course this is unfortunate, but no one can stop the continous articles (especially near last year's election) on michelle obama's fashion sense. even though michelle's latest dressmaking appointment is completely irrelevant to her husband's new, say, afghanistan policy, many times it makes more sensational/interesting news.
as to scandals on the romantic end, these are a bit more relevant but still not, i think, indicative of the candidate's abilities in office. the purpose of a political scandal is to destruct the electability of the candidate. the fact that john edwards cheated on his wife didnt change his position on any issues, but this fact succeeded in squashing much support for him. i understand the viewpoint of people who say that if a guy can't even keep his vow to the woman he is supposed to love the most, how is he supposed to be a good example and an acceptable representative for the rest of us, but i think there are two things that contradict this viewpoint.
the first is the very often underestimated power of guilt. i think guilt is a massive, massive force in the world, and despite the awkward, staid public apologies often made by politicians, i think they deeply do regret their transgressions (for personal reasons too, not just political).
the second is precedent. the kennedys were a fantastically successful family and were instrumental in passing crucial legislation in the mid-20th century. john f kennedy spent a lifetime cheating on every woman he ever met, but he inspired millions, set in motion historic legislation (ie 1964 civil rights act passed a few months after his death), and averted major international catastrophes (cuban missile crisis). bobby kennedy wasnt (as far as i have read) of the same moral caliber as his elder brother, but he was still accused of many things and despite these, accomplished much, especially againt labor racketeering and for civil rights. and of course ted kennedy was widely eulogized as one of the most successful senators ever to pass through congress, with 47 years of service to his name despite his stormy personal life.
i dont think that private immorality and public incompetence are mutually exclusive, but i dont think that private immorality necessarily leads to public incompetence.
and, of course, the huge indiscretion of the press has made it more and more difficult for anyone in public life to stray even remotely from th pedestal they are required to stand on as the elected leaders of the people. (this is negative because that kind of extraordinary pressure probably detracts from their effectiveness in their actual jobs- id much rather have a divorced senator or one who cheated on his wife than one who spent innumerable amounts of time and money on public relations.) to me, as long as an elected leader responsibly represents his/her constituency, they have done their job, and any other information about them is superfluous.

i wish i could autotune my existence.

lady gaga is phenomenal.
listening to my brothers ipod, and that yeah song by usher just came on. lol. i remember years and years ago when this song first came out and i was still into the regular radio and id sing it all the time.
i went to spain last summer, and it was (obviously) a god trip, but it kind of sucked because when i was getting on the plane to go to barcelona i was already wishing i could be back home, with just the memories of all the places we went to. thats never happened to me on a trip before (except hungary, but that doesnt count) so it was a bit unnerving.
these two years have been an exercise in patience. i may not be good at short-term patience (i suck at leaving food in the microwave long enough, and waiting for people when i want to walk with them to class or whatever is a pain in the ass) but im a long-term pro. i got trained pretty early, getting dumped with my grandparents for two months every summer without parentals. sometimes generation gaps are great and they can lead to a great mentor-student type of relationship, but that completely failed in my family. i mean, sure, i learned a lot from my grandparents, but it wasnt enjoyable learning. ive spent entire months wishing i could leave their pretty little cottage by the lake to come back home to this humid suburban nothingness. (not that its humid now, or anything. thank god. humidity is the bane of my existence. like, really? just rain, dammit. staying in the air is SO unnecessary. i hate humidity for the same reason i hate stupid people- its not practical and it achieves nothing.) 
but still, two years is a long-ass time.  
i want to write something. something good. something ill find five years from now and wont be all, ohmygod, was i ever really that stupid? because i found some seventh-grade stories a few weeks ago and what i had thought were masterpieces are just gruesome. [shaggy- it wasnt me. i LOVE this song] but i cant think of anything. i just dont have that kind of creativity. maybe ill pull a [insert literary figure here] and spend thirty years writing one novel. whatever.

how is "Omayyad" a suitable substitute for 'ohmygod', livejournal spellchecker?


so two years ago my brother and i folded a thousand paper cranes for my other brother when he was in the hospital. i mean, we had loads of helps- my friend did like 300, that friend's sister-in-law's mother did a good 150, etc. but they turned out really nice and we took them up to the hospital and hung them up in nhis room and when he came home we put them in the basement, where theyre on display. and theyre really pretty, all colorful and a few different sizes, and they kind of rustle when you brush past them.
and i had this brilliant charity idea, called hte paper crane project (pcp for short). it would involve a central website, where people could find the nearest childrens hospital to them with contact information for a pcp person. people could fold the cranes at their houses then end them to the pcp person, who (with previous permission from the hospital obviously) would string them up and start decorating the patient rooms, room by room, until the whole hospital had 1000 cranes in each room. and the pcp would catch on so lots of people would be folding cranes and stuff and eventually the hospital would fill up, so then people near that hospital could go back to the pcp website and find the next-nearest location. the project would expand internationally and eventually the major childrens hospitals would all be decorated, and it would all be totally awesome.
i wish i was famous so i could coordinate the whole thing. bc that would be the ideal platform, you know, some celebrity advocating it on their website or youtube or somewhere thousands of people will see it. and its a good idea because kids can participate, since it doesnt involve donating money (or time, which isnt normally an issue, but you need a ride to get somewhere to volunteer, which is) and also mailing paper is not that expensive.
and that's all i have to say about that.

Are there any political issues, such as abortion or capital punishment, that are so fundamental to your core values that you could not respect and/or trust someone who held a contrary view?

okay, honestly? no.
i feel very strongly about certain issues, but it would be idiotic to think that people who hold contrary views are bad people or whatever.
i can't go through life assuming that every pro-choice person is immoral, even though i very strongly believe that abortion is wrong.
it's not worth it to be that closed-minded. of course im not assuming that im the most open person out there, because i definitely am not. but i try to find things i have in common with people and focus on those. (except people i hate, but they dont count because i seek out our differences anyway and we're not friends so it doesnt matter.)
there are many political/moral/religious issues that i feel are important to me, but in everyday life theyre very easy to work around. its not like i get an abortion every other week or my brother's on death row. maybe this is bad, but these issues just dont effect me- if they were closer to home, then yeah, theyd be more polarizing.
at this age i think my friends and i are trying more to figure out what exactly our views are, politically, ethically, etc. maybe when im 25 ill have more political discussions and find it necessary to surround myself with likeminded individuals, but i kind of hope not. i hope i can keep a mix of people around me.
of course, if someone doesnt respect my views, refuses to allow me to defend them, and continuously attacks them, that feeling will be mutual. i cant handle the turn-the-other-cheek deal.
my core values are not derived from a creed, theyre just framed by it. a friend doesnt need to be religious, they just need to be a good person. if they do follow the same religion i do, thats great, but im not stupid. i know the majority of the world isnt the same denomination as me and i cant expect them to subscribe to my views. my core values are loyalty, and trust, and intelligence, and humor. independence, originality, a bit of a flair for drama, a thirst to see more than the ten square miles around their home. a sense of purpose.
these are my core values, not being pro-life and against capital punishment.


i can hear the sounds of queen's we will rock you through the floor. my house has ridiculously terrible soundproofing. but i downloaded a very potter musical's soundtrack today, and it is an EPIC WIN so im listening to that now instead of strains of freddie mercury's screams.

i wrote my college essay yesterday. i still have to do the ending paragraph, but it's mostly done and i am so, so, so proud of myself. and so relieved. because it's not, you know, horrific. my parents read it and they were all, it's BEAUTIFUL. and i was like, awesome.
it's just depressing to think that a bunch of strangers will read it and be all, DENYDENYDENY. fml. i really hope i get into college.
but whatever. i have MONTHS to worry about that.

more importantly: i am currently supposed ot be reading one flew over the cuckoo's nest, by ken kesey. i was supposed to do it over the summer but i -uh...- didn't. (these apostrophes are a real pain in the ass to put in, so if youll forgive me ill just skip them.) i only have 304 pages left to go, though. so that's good. sort of.
i starte to read it a while ago, but i only got through like five pages because i couldnt deal with the writing style. its quite confusing. then again, im only on page nineteen so hopefully itll get better.

ooooh my dad just got home from ikea. that store is such a win.
my brother got a new bad. i swear, my brothers break their beds every two years. ("cho chang, domo arigato, cho chang, gung hey fat choi chang, happy happy new year, cho chang...") its not like theyre colossal, or anything, i guess theyre just... violent. ("choooooooooo chang, i am so in love with chooo chang, from bagkok to dingdang, ill sing my love aloud for cho chaaaaaaaaaaaaaang...")
i got some totally kickass metal bookends. theyre red and yellow, B-shaped. like, my initial. win.

today my mom and i went on a hunt all around the house for chocolate. she found a random glass dish in the living room ("maybe at last ill talk to cho!" "oh no, thatd be way too awesome") full of ghirardellis milk chocolate. which is pretty much my favorite brand of chocolate, except for reeses and snickers. and m&ms, who may or may not qualify as chocolate (as opposed to candy.)

youre tall and fun and skinny, youre really really pretty...ginny
im the mickey to your minnie, youre the tigger to my winnie...ginny
wanna take you to the city, gonna take you out to dinny...ginny
youre cuter than a guinea piiiiiiiiig, wanna take you down to winnipeeeeeeeg THATS IN CANADA

^love that song

also, i started going on lastfm.com. it is a win. (i find it very irritating that ive said the word "win" three- or four, i suck at counting- times already. but id feel bad if i didnt label the  win-ness of lastfm as win, because it IS a win.) except the little Recently Played list, which is supposed to be a live rss feed (is that the correct terminology?) is broken, and i listened to coldplay radio for two hours this afternoon and the feed persisted in telling me that my last played song was supersonic by oasis, last night at 11.48 pm. wtf.  if anyone knows how to fix that, please let me know.

pigfarts, pigfarts, here i come.
pigfarts, pigfarts, yum yum yum.

my immortal

LOL is the main reaction to this story. apparently it was a big deal a while ago and it got taken down from fanfiction.net etc. but i found it on some other website and i will put the link in here for future reference because it is truly quality entertainment. myimmortalrehost.webs.com/chapters122.htm
how do you do that thing where you put in a link but you just type in a word that becomes the link? you know what i mean?
so this story (harry potter fan fiction) was written by this young girl and it basically destroys the harry potter world. in a very grammatically incorrect and structurally disturbing way. its brilliant.

speaking of, i went to see harry potter yesterday and it was epic.

also, A Very Potter Musical is the most brilliant work i have ever seen. its hilarious and ...oh. its awesome.

plans? dashed

i am so very, very angry. i was supposed to go see harry potter and the halfblood prince, the movie, tomorrow night at midnight.
my mom cancelled.
because we're too young to be wandering around town at night.
which is bullshit.
because the only wandering wed be doing is from the car to the theater and back. not much a window of opportunity for rapists there, is there now?
and anyway.
we already had tickets. what do we do now, rip them up?
and seeing a movie the afternoon it opens is not the same as seeing it at midnight. 
and the worst part is that im not the only one affected by my mother's idiocy. oh, no. we were supposed to drive two of my friends there, and who knows whether or not they can find another ride? this is bad.
it's so unnecessary, too i mean, its not like were going to new york in the middle of the night. its a little town theater. and therell be loads of people there anyway. we'll be fine.  so all of her arguments are moot points.
and wtf pandora is playing the shittiest music possible.
this is bullshit.
this is most definitely not fucking sparta.  

Jul. 11th, 2009

1. Make two lists.
2. TEH EPIC LIST OF LOVE™ consists of 10 public figures you would date - meaning, you're interested in having a long-term relationship with this person. This also includes sex.
3. TEH (SLIGHTLY LESS) EPIC LIST OF LUST™ consists of 5 public figures you'd do in an instant, no questions asked. [...] Talk is prohibited, unless it's of the dirty kind (of which the use is not mandatory, but warmly recommended).
4. Obviously, photos are necessary.
5. Explain why you've included each person on the list.

The Epic List of Love
1. James McAvoy: This man is ridiculously attractive. He's Scottish, which is a brilliant start-off point for any man, but he's an amazing actor. And he's absolutely brilliant at doing accents, (ie british, american, and ryan seacrest). And having watched his craig ferguson interviews, I can tell you that he is freaking hilarious. As one fan video put it, he is a "Scottish vortex of charm". And who wouldnt love that?

2. Patrick Dempsey: He has the kindest face and smile EVER. Like, really. Look at his eyes! And when I watch Grey's Anatomy and he gives Meredith that sad, loving smile of his...it's very awww-inducing. Also, you can just tell that he's a brilliant father.

3. Jude Law: In THe Holiday, he was adorable with his on-screen kids. And even though he pulled that cheating-on-sienna-with-the-nanny shit, he still seems nice.

4. Bono- while not the most attractive of all famous people, he is one of the most socially aware AND active people around. And i deeply admire him for that. Also his voice.

you know, I don't have the energy for this. i'll finish it later. because i dont see the save as draft option anywhere. and it says "autosaved draft at 1:05:03 am, but what does that mean? urgh.  i'll just go and read some commentarius.

no matter how much i listen to the beatles, there's always a song i havent heard by them that i can find and love.
it makes me happy.
it's so simple and positive- even the depressing songs are upbeat. win-win.

j to the third

1. Comment to this and I will give you 3 people.
2. Post this meme with your answers.
3. Provide pictures and the names of the 3 people.
4. Label which you would marry, shag, and throw off a cliff.
ejmalfoy chose jams mcavoy, jason isaacss, and jack black


obviously i would marry james mcavoy. no competition there.

id shag jason isaacs. because it turns out when hes not hideously costumed up for his role as lucius, hes not that disgusting-looking. (yeah, i just went there- lucius is disgusting!)

this leaves jack black to get thrown off a cliff. and this was an easy decision, because i thought i hated him (i just watched be kind rewind a couple weeks ago, and it SUCKED) but i went on imdb and read his biography (he went to college!) and then his quotes, which were hilarious. so id feel bad, throwing him off a cliff. but id rather it be him than james mcavoy.